Nic Hooper, PhD

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Contact and CV

Dr. Nic Hooper
Lecturer of Psychology
Room 3A19 Frenchay Campus
University of the West of England
Work: 01173287341
email: nichooper7(at)


  1. Hi Nic
    I a danish psychologist specializing in ACT and the contextual behavioral wing in general. I been a member f ACBS for several years(look for Camilla Grønlund). I found this blog via one of your postings on the act listserve for professionals and would like to be able to access your teaching material (will full credits to you of course) as I do conduct ACT workshops as well and constantly seek to develop my teachingsskills.
    Could there be any chance that you would be willing to share the pass word with me so I can gain access?
    Camilla Grønlund (or Groenlund, if you haven’t got the “ø” 🙂
    Acthouse psykologerne /
    Aarhus, Denmark.

  2. Anna Box says:

    Hi Nic,
    Magnificent blog!! Just wondering how I can sign up for email notifications?? It’s pretty late on a Friday so perhaps I’m not thinking straight – but I can’t see an obvious ‘sign-up’ spot. Accessing those materials you’re happy to share woukd be great too!
    Many cheers, Anna (psychologist from Melbourne, Australia)

    • nichooper7 says:

      Hi Anna, thanks for those kind words. I’m not entirely sure but if you go to one of the blogs and click ‘follow’ at the bottom of the page then it will give you the option to email follow! Some of the materials are password protected, if you need to access those pages then let me know x

  3. Annick says:

    Hi Nic,
    I’m a social worker who conducts ACT workshops for professionals in Belgium. I would love to get updates on your blog, how can I get those! Love what you’re writing!

    • nichooper7 says:

      Hi Annick,

      Thanks for the encouraging words, its nice to hear that some people out there like it! I believe that if you click on one of the blogs then the word ‘follow’ should appear at the bottom of the page. If you click follow then you should be able to choose a number of options! Hope that makes sense and thanks again! Nic

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