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This blog is a space where I can discuss my Psychological interests. Given that much of my research involves exploring Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Relational Frame Theory (RFT) many posts will concern these subjects. However, I am hoping that they are written in such a way that anybody could read them and find them useful. The blogs that I have written thus far are represented below in chronological order, beginning with the earliest post that I wrote in 2012:

  1. The Happiness Game
  2. The Anti-depressant Fairy Tale
  3. The Ritalin Bandwagon
  4. The Personality Illusion
  5. Why ACT is Important
  6. The True Nature of Acceptance
  7. Using Defusion to Write a Book
  8. The Early Days of ACT
  9. The Process of Pain
  10. Kill Your Self Every Day
  11. Values and Vulnerabilities
  12. Throwing the ABA out with the bathwater
  13. Just Humans
  14. Trickling Values
  15. I Choose Pain
  16. Good Old Fashioned Values
  17. Chasing the Medical Model of Psychopathology
  18. Compassion-Focused Politics
  19. Letting Go of Willingness
  20. A ‘Yes’ Community
  21. A Letter to My Son

In addition to writing CBS-related blogs, from time to time I also write book reviews and about other topics that are vaguely connected to Psychology. Thus far I have written the following:

  1. Advances in Relational Frame Theory: Research and Application
  2. The ABC’s of Human Behavior
  3. The Mindful and Effective Employee
  4. The ACT Practitioner’s Guide to the Art of Compassion
  5. Toy Story: What Have You Promised Your Kid for Christmas?
  6. Question Nominate Donate (QND)

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